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            INTEC 2019 - 18th Edition

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          Application Video

          • eGeeTouch Smart Padlock with Smartphones & NFC tags
          • eGeeTouch Smart Travel Lock - Unlocking with Smartphones
          • eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock - Tracking with Smartphones
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          International Awards

          International Awards CES 2015, CES 2016, Red Dot Design Award 2017, Japan DIY Awards 2014 & Japan DIY Awards 2015

          WHAT People Say about eGeeTouch Smartlocks?

          • "8 hottest new accessories for travelers"

            EgeeTouch Smart Travel Padlock

            This high-tech padlock looks like an old-fashioned lock. It isn't....
            --Laura P., CNN, USA
          • "No more lost keys or duplicating mechanical keys."

            How safe is this smartlock? Very! The state of art NFC-proximity access....
            --Richard D., The National Locksmith, USA
          • "Works well for aviation industry"

            ... Really nice design, which makes it blend in easily.....
            --Nicolai Z., Pilot, Denmark

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          seager inc
          Teck Tai
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